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Psyon Data Acceptable User Policy

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Psyon Data Acceptable User Policy

Our goals in establishing this Acceptable Use Policy Include:

  • Guaranteeing security, reliability and privacy of information for all users of Psyon Data's network and systems, and any affiliate networks or systems.
  • Keep in line with the ideal of the internet as a representation of information and free expression for all.
  • Work to assist in the preservation of privacy of information and data security for all internet users.
  • Encourage responsible use of technology in order to maintain the usability of network resources and upholding the intrinsic value of the internet.
  • Structure our practices and policies in a way that allows Psyon Data to avoid incurring any legal liability.
  • Uphold our strong company image and reputation by serving our customers and the internet in general as a responsible provider.
Our Acceptable Use Policy in no way supersedes or overrides the contents of Psyon Data's Terms of Service.
Psyon Data maintains a no-exceptions anti-spam policy, whereby customers are not permitted to send any unsolicited e-mail advertising messages from, to, or through Psyon Data's services. Doing so may result in civil liability charges against the sender "Unsolicited bulk" messages can include, but are in no way limited to, commercial advertising, informational announcements, and political/religious messages.
The following activities may result in immediate termination of services, and are expressly prohibited:
  1. Sending of any unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE) which advertises a Web site, e-mail account, or other service provided by or through Psyon Data’s services.
  2. Posting to Usenet anything which advertises a Web site, e-mail account, or other service provided by or through Psyon Data, to any Usenet newsgroup whose charter does not specifically allow such advertisements by posters.
  3. Sending UBE or posting such advertisements to Usenet (except where specifically allowed by newsgroup charters) from a service provided by or through Psyon Data.
  4. Hosting of websites which are considered ‘spam friendly’ including, but not limited to, sites which provide software to be used with the intention of spamming internet users.
  5. Harassment will not be tolerated via UBE or other means by any Psyon Data customer.
  6. Sending UBE to any person who does not wish to receive it. If a recipient asks to stop receiving email, the Customer must immediately and permanently cease to send that individual any further e-mail.
  7. The forwarding or otherwise spreading internet chain letters or "e-mail hoaxes," whether or not the recipient wishes to receive them. The exception is that these items may be forwarded by members who intention is to discredit such messages and hoaxes.
  8. Falsifying contact information, masking e-mail addresses or transmitting any electronic communication utilizing the name or email address of another entity or person for purposes of deception.
  9. Falsifying customer identity through IP address manipulation, impersonation, forged email addresses.
  10. Any attempt to fraudulently conceal, forge, or otherwise falsify one's identity in connection with use of the service.
  11. Any use of another party's e-mail server for the purpose of e-mail relay without express written permission from the other party.
  12. Collection of e-mail addresses and contact information from users of another internet service provider through scraping content from Usenet message boards or through any other method, where this practice is specifically contrary to the Acceptable Use Policy of the other internet service provider.
  13. Intentional Denial of Service attacks, including, but not limited to, any form of Internet packet flooding, packet corruption, or other attack with the intention of causing a lack of function to any internet servers or services.
  14. Participation in the generation or propagation of any content which is deemed illegal by national (U.S.), state or local law. This includes using Psyon Data's network, services, or systems to store or send any illegal or inappropriate material, including but not limited to child pornography related material, pirated software or music, all spam-related materials including e-mail lists. The result of such discovery will be immediate termination of all network and other services. Note also that any child pornography related material is expressly forbidden on our network systems and services. This is in effect regardless of the legality of said materials. These materials may include simulated child pornography, non-nude child pornography, or links to sites which provide this type of material. Psyon Data will inform local, state and federal authorities, and cooperate with prosecution efforts to the fullest extent of the law.
  15. The use or storage of any documents or software which is designed to, or is likely to cause abuse or negative impact for any and all internet service. This can include, but is not limited to, port scanners, hacking tools, ping flooding programs, security/root exploits, packet sniffers, and/or spam software.
  16. Intentional modification or obscuring of the MAC (Media Access Control) or IP (Internet Protocol) address (es) of any internet servers or services. The result of such actions will be considered a cause for service suspension or termination.
  17. Interception or attempted interception, through any channels, of network traffic intended for other customers. 
  18. The use of proxy servers, including squid or BNC, unless they are available only to users whose verified contact information is known by the proxy operator and can be disclosed to Psyon Data or law enforcement authorities upon request. Any usage of such services must expressly provide to the Psyon Data security team and cleared by the Security Manager before you begin utilizing such services.
  19. Any previous or current behavior, such as the sending of unsolicited UBE, which results in the addition of Psyon Data to any e-mail black hole lists, or otherwise negatively impacts the overall services of Psyon Data. This type of behavior is grounds for service suspension or termination.
  20. Opt-In standards must be followed for every e-mail lists owned or utilized by our customers. This applies to advertising resources on our networks, being sent through our networks, and these lists must conform to the confirmed opt-in standards.
  21. Server purchase's, lease's, and or rentals (same meaning as lease) will be subject to a setup fee and first months lease payment which is non refundable due to setup time to pay programmers.  Please follow policy on spam, and other usages.
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