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Billing Features

Credit Card, Paypal, Check, or Banking TransferYou will be able to personalize certain parameters such as the following:Whether or not you want the system to bill a particular clientWhat day of the month you want your client’s billing cycle to endHow many days before a product expires you would like to send a message of expiration to your clientHow many days after an article has expired would you would like to suspend it?Opt to not have invoices emailed to a client during the weekendsWhat credit you want to assign this client. Credit Limit refers to the amount of money your assign your client.What late fee do you want to charge this client? (refers to the percentage you will charge your client according to the price of the product)

You will also be able to configure:

- Credit Card acceptance and what credit cards you wish to accept
- Paypal- You can configure other forms of payment so that your clients can pay via PayPal or another form.
- Banking or Checking Deposit. You will configure your message to accept this type of payment.
- Email Address and Billing. You will be able to configure the email address and the billing message that is shown in your clients’ accounts.
- Expiration Message. Customize the message sent to your clients when they have articles that will expire in the next few days.
- Overdue Payment Message. Personalize the message that you will send your clients when they have an overdue payment.
- Account Balance Message. Personalize the message you will send your clients with their account balance.
- New Card Message. Customize the message that is sent (with a copy for yourself) when your client adds a new credit card to the system. The email sent to your client and yourself will never contain any credit card information. It is simply a message reminding your client that their credit card has been activated.
- Message for Credit Card Payment. Customize the message sent to your clients when they make a payment using credit card.
- You will also be able to configure the account of a specific client and treat it with a different configuration.

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