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Hosting, Email And Databases For Only $3 Per Month Dedicated Servers Starting At Only $79.00 Per Month Either Host Your Own Sites Or Become A Reseller For Only $35 Per Month!!
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New Features

You don't want to become a Linux or Windows expert, be a very technical person or be system administrator. You only want to host websites. You only want to grow your hosting business.

If you have 5 websites, a dedicated server is overkill. If you have 500, it's a technical nightmare. Sure, a control panel helps, but you're still the one losing sleep at 2 A.M. wondering why the server went down again and all your business is not online.

The most reliable, secure, and inexpensive method of hosting. A solution so elegant and effective that what used to cost dollars, now costs pennies.

The iBizPanel is distributed, redundant, and backed up daily - quite simply the most sophisticated, reliable, and secure hosting solution available anywhere. You receive free access to thousands of dedicated servers... meaning your websites, email accounts, and other services are distributed across a farm of specialty servers, providing a reliability factor that was, until now, impossible to achieve. Unlike hosting on a single dedicated server, you avoid the risk of having your entire business go down in the event that one server was to crash.

Rather than using the traditional hosting architecture where you run all features on each dedicated server, we split each service onto its own cluster of redundant servers. E-mail, FTP, web, and database services are all hosted on their own server clusters behind firewalls and load-balancers. The separation improves the security of all services and ensures the most efficient usage of all available resources.

Each mini-cluster scales endlessly and independently, so there's no chance of outgrowing the system. Most importantly, when a server crashes or a hard drive fails, the other servers in the cluster pick up the slack without missing a beat. No downtime. No lost data. No upset customers.

We understand what you really want, and we have the solution for you today. The new iBizPanel platform is a hosting system solution, a simple interface for rapidly provisioning and managing unlimited Linux web sites (including domain registration, e-mail accounts, web space, FTP accounts, databases, billing manager, case system, account manager, online payments, and much more.). Based on best technology from iBizVision, the system is fully-managed and extremely redundant.

  • The iBizPanel is 100% duplicable. Reseller channel increase on a grand scale.

  • Complete automation, Sale of products and services online

  • With the iBizPanel it is no longer necessary to have a personal technical expert in order to have total control of an Internet based business.

  • Reduction of support time and server maintenance

  • Fast and automated creation of customers

  • Online creation of websites and email (real time)

  • No more complicated systems

  • There is no limit on the number of resellers that can be created

  • Untrained staff can create and manage clients/resellers

  • Create your own hosting plans

  • Customer support within the panel

  • Create your own Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s)

  • Many support inquiries are no longer necessary as users are able to manage services on their own

  • New clients are able to buy products online (i.e. domain registration, hosting plans)

  • Customizable user and administration control panels (Setup your colors, logo, text size, etc…).

  • Easy-to-use, business-focused control panel

  • Enterprise-level hardware and clustering technologies

  • Customizable user and administration control panels

  • Quick Search by Name, Email, Domain, Order #, Cases and Invoice

The Customizable Control Panel

Everything your customers need to build and manage their web sites.

The more customers can do on their own, the less they will call for support. And that's important. Especially when you recognize that customer support is the single largest operational expense for virtual web hosting companies that are not automated by iBizPanel.

Your customers will like the fact that the iBizPanel Control Panel is a highly intuitive "point-and-click" graphical interface. It contains tools that are designed to satisfy most of your customers' site building and maintenance needs. And it can reduce customer support requests by 80% or more.

Plus, the Control Panel generates extra revenues by offering site upgrades to customers. They simply "click" on the desired upgrades, the new features are attached to their account, and the added revenue is factored into your billing.

Psyon Data automation platform is built on a next-generation platform that provides automated site provisioning, administration and management. In addition, iBizPanel is based on an extensible and secure framework that enables you to easily add high-demand third-party solutions, and build custom plans and Web sites with comprehensive data security.

Powerful reseller capabilities

Providing robust, flexible reseller features and capabilities is key to quickly increasing sales and customer satisfaction. With iBizPanel, you can lower your cost of sales and support while easily increasing your market reach. iBizPanel allows you to empower your resellers by creating custom packages that can be further refined by your channels. It lets you give them full control to brand their interfaces, manage their resources and create their own unique plans.

  • The iBizPanel is 100% duplicable. Reseller channel increase on a grand scale.

Since the beginning the iBizPanel was created to automate the processes of a web hosting business. With the complete automation it is possible to duplicate business. The iBizPanel is unique in its kind, offering a 100% duplication of business where clients (reseller types) have the same characteristics and benefits from the panel as their system providers.

There are no differences in benefits, every reseller type client accounts for the same benefits, views the same windows, has access to the same information and views the same parent account. The difference is that in each account one sees their own products being offered. The sub-reseller account never sees the products of their provider.

A 100% duplicable system in its totality

  • Complete Automation, Sale of Products and services online.

Each time a product offer is created, the system automatically creates a shopping-car or sales cart for the product through a URL.

Offer all your products/services online from your website using the URL that is provided by the iBizPanel.

  • With the iBizPanel it is no longer necessary to have a personal technical expert in order to have total control of an Internet based business.

At the beginning the iBizPanel was created for control experts and managing of data centers to have control of business on a grand scale, today it has been converted into a user friendly panel where any person with little knowledge about the web can not only control and manage web sites, but they can also have total control of their internet business.

The iBizPanel has become the tool most widely used amongst the webmaster community.

  • Reduction of support time and server maintenance

The panel reduces support time because it provides a knowledge base (FAQ’s). Each client can create their own knowledge base.

Each time there is an attempt to open a case the iBizPanel shows the question and answer (FAQ’s) that has to do with the case that is trying to be opened. This helps a person find an answer to the doubt or problem before completely opening a case, helping to reduce support cost.

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