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The iBizPanel is the first tool exclusively created to automate every process of a web hosting business, where not only does it automate the processes of websites and e-mail, but also covers every one of the processes related to an internet business.
Complete automation of all areas, covering billing, support, sales, employees, clients, reports, products, inventory and more…

The iBizPanel has all the tools necessary to manage your business simply and effectively. Not only does it allow you to easily run your own internet business, but it also allows all your final clients a direct access to the panel where they themselves can manage their own billing, products and support.


Optimize billing. Let the iBizPanel do it for you by sending automatic reminders to your clients of their next payment. Automatic suspension and activation of services. Application of discounts, payments, overdue payments and credit limits.

Personalized messages for account balances, accounts to be paid, activation of a credit card, expired and overdue payments. All the messages are automatically sent by the system, it only needs to be configured one time.


Direct access to each client using only one username and password. Modify your account and see what your client sees on their panel. Give your clients access to modify their products and/or services. Check their account balance, make payments, solicit support and buy more products online.


Create and sell your products online. System automated in the registry, sell and buy products online. Complete control of prices, discounts, billing cycles for each product. Notification each time a client acquires a product.


Reduce high support costs, maintaining a complete control of servers through the iBizPanel itself. Reduce costs in assistance thanks to its complete automation. This allows absolute control of all cases with total access to each case, achieving all the functions from one place.


The iBizPanel provides reports to maintain a better control of web business. Reports that will be shown inside the iBizPanel:

- Number of new sign ups per day.
- Number of activations per day.
- Actual number of users inside the panel.
- List of recent accesses to the panel by each client.
- List of Resellers customers and sub-resellers.
- Support usage.
- Response time per each employee.
- Statistics of cases.
- List of sold products.
- List of products offered by your clients.
- List of clients that have their services suspended.
- Total sign-ups per product.
- Company total sign-ups per day.
- Access per client per company.
- Sign-ups and suspensions.


Reduce workload by granting employees access to the iBizPanel. Every employee signs up using their own Member ID and password. The account administrator chooses the levels of access given to each employee according to permits, assigning restrictions to certain areas for each employee.


- NSLookup
- Whois
- Mailing Lists
- Email Forms
- Fast-URL Redirects new!
- FAQs
- HT Access Files
- Pre-installed CGI
- Anti-Spam Protection! (Coming soon)

Script pre-installed coming:
Guestbook’s (Coming soon)
- Message Forums (Coming soon)
- Affiliate Program (Coming soon)
- Hit Counters / Site Stats (Coming soon)
- Mini Polls (Coming soon)
- Guest maps (Coming soon)
- Live Chats (Coming soon)
- Tell-A-Friend (Coming soon)
- Template Gallery (Coming soon)
- Web Journal / Blog (Coming soon)
- Vote Casters (Coming soon)
- Site Search (Coming soon)
- Live Person (Coming soon)

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