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Hosting, Email And Databases For Only $3 Per Month Dedicated Servers Starting At Only $79.00 Per Month Either Host Your Own Sites Or Become A Reseller For Only $35 Per Month!!
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Automated Hosting Reselling with the iBizPanel

The iBizPanel is an evolution (or perhaps a revolution) of the dedicated server concept. Instead of leasing a single dedicated server, the iBizPanel gives you access to fully-managed server datacenters. But that's just the beginning...

  • iBizPanel is more reliable. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, the iBizPanel distributes your websites across a farm of thousands of servers. Thus, in the unlikely event that one of the servers should fail, it would only affect a small fraction of your business, not your entire business.
  • iBizPanel is a managed hosting solution which means that you are not responsible for all server maintenance.
  • iBizPanel provides centralized management of all your websites from a single control panel. With a conventional dedicated server, you can typically host about 250 websites per server. Once you exceed that number of sites, you have to add another server. However, the new server will have a separate control panel and will have to be managed independently from the original server. The more servers you add, the more complex and time consuming the management process becomes.
  • iBizPanel includes a sophisticated, automated billing system that keeps track of all your customers, automatically sends them invoices and collects their payments. It also includes an auto-suspension and auto-unsuspended websites in less than 5 minutes.
  • iBizPanel includes an advanced support trouble ticket system that will enable you to manage your customers' support requests and push support tickets up to our Tier-2 support if you're unable to resolve an issue on your own.

There are some circumstances when a conventional dedicated server is necessary. For example, if you need to install special software applications, or if you have a single website that uses a tremendous amount of server resources and bandwidth, then a dedicated server is the appropriate choice. However, we've found that in most cases, customers choose a dedicated server because they want to either save money or resell web hosting. For either of these situations, the iBizPanel is the superior choice.

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