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Redundant Distribution

The iBizPanel manages a redundant distribution system meaning that an IP address will be assigned to your website and another IP address for your website’s emails (two different servers for each site you host).

Every time you host a new website, it will be hosted on servers different from the previous ones since the iBizPanel’s redundant distribution system sends each new site across a farm of 1000’s of servers. You will no longer have to worry about more server crashes that affect the totality of your clients.

The servers that control the iBizPanel are servers of the highest technology and are exclusively used for each type of application. The web servers are used solely for websites, the mail servers are only used for email and the MySQL servers are solely used for databases.

The fact that the iBizPanel does not mix different services on one single server makes the service much more robust, trustworthy and quick.

We have revolutionized hosting, reducing the traditional risks of a dedicated server.

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