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The testimonials below reflect some of the people who have chosen iBizPanel

Your automation suite has allowed me to focus my time on building my business. I no longer have to spend hours upon hours configuring services on a dedicated server.
Ed Terrace

Since we have implemented iBizPanel our customers have loved it and it has reduced the amount of support queries dramatically and has allowed even our most non-technical customers to do everything themselves.
Christian Gonzalez

Just wanted to drop a line and say THANKS... this is THE BEST hosting panel I've tried, and I've tried many. The speed, the INSTANT setup, and the full control are by FAR the best I've worked with. Thanks Thanks Thanks
Ignacio Hines

What a great Hosting panel! This has been a wonderful experience to have a hosting panel that is friendly and automated. I highly recommend iBizPanel to every hosting company!
Leopoldo Villa

I am pleased to learn that this software has truly matched our Data Center expectations. It has automated all of our processes, reduced operational costs, and permitted us to capture more of the International hosting market.
Steve Wallace

The iBizPanel is an excellent tool that allows the configuration of your products in a very easy way. Without a doubt it is the best option for reselling sites on the internet.
Samuel Solis

Without iBizPanel we never would have been able to grow as quickly as we have... No other control panel compares. This is the only REAL solution!
Sydney Trace

The ease of use, clarity in the menu system. The iBizPanel have really helped our company launch a much larger selection of hosting services to our growing company portfolio. Simply an excellent platform and I look forward to future upgrades.
Ricardo Alegre

iBizPanel is by far the most superior control panel. Our customers love iBizPanel and have praised us for switching to it. We find it user friendly, feature packed, and by far the most stable hosting service.
George Patterson

We have tested lots of web hosting control panels and have not found any that come close to the iBizPanel! The iBizPanel split out each of my services and distributed them across a farm of specialty servers, providing a reliability factor that no other control panel can offer.
Grigor Garnett

As a user of the iBizPanel I have lots of faith in its quality, its easy use and the security it represents for me being administrator of the system. It is not at all necessary to be an expert in computation to be able to use the iBizPanel.
Esteban Ojeda

Previous to using iBizPanel, we operated our hosting business as many do, with a checklist of all the services that had to be manually created. With iBizPanel, not only have we automated that process, but we have even greater capabilities that allow us to grow our business. I’m very happy with iBizPanel!
Monique Blevins

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