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Hosting, Email And Databases For Only $3 Per Month Dedicated Servers Starting At Only $79.00 Per Month Either Host Your Own Sites Or Become A Reseller For Only $35 Per Month!!
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Psyon Data's Reseller Hosting Plan allows you to host and resell up to 5,000 websites for only $35 a month! This is not possible with any other reseller hosting plan on the internet today. The sale of full-featured websites is extremely popular among today's e-commerce companies. By joining our iBizPanel Reseller Hosting Platform, you can actually host and resell as many as 5000 such sites EVERY MONTH! And again, the only cost involved is a $35 per month flat fee. You have the option of hosting sites requiring up to 500 MB of disk space and up to 20GB/month of data transfer.

Sometimes, the most important feature of an e-commerce reseller program is the management system behind the sales. We have created the iBizPanel Reseller Hosting Platform, which includes a fully-automated online system for the management of client relationships. Your personal, customized interface can be branded according to your standards, can contain your logo and you also have the option of selecting private-branded name servers.

If you decide to become a reseller, your reseller website will become immediately accessible to customers who can complete the online sign-up right away. A very exciting feature of our system is that your customers will be automatically billed from YOUR PayPal or other merchant account! It is important to distinguish that this is not an affiliate program, where you receive commission. You actually receive 100% of the earned revenue from your customers. And, no matter what number of customers you have signed up, you will still pay only $35 per month to participate.

Technical downtimes are not likely to affect your customers if you decide to become a reseller. This is because our hosting platform uses unique technology to spread your websites across hundreds of different servers. As a result, if one server goes down for a few minutes there is likely no interruption to your clients.

We realize that our promises may seem too good. For that reason, we extend to you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! You do not even need to provide credit card information until your 30 day trial period is up. And, there is no obligation to continue as a reseller if you determine that this option is not right for you. If you decide to continue, you only need to pay the $35 licensing fee for the following month of service in order to do so.

Reseller Hosting
By joining our iBizPanel Reseller Hosting Platform, you can actually host and resell as many as 5000 such sites EVERY MONTH! And, the only cost involved is a $35 per month fee. You have the option of hosting sites requiring up to 500 MB of disk space and up to 20GB/month of data transfer.

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Reseller Plan Details
Fee for up to 5,000 websites $35/Month
Fee for up to 5,000 MySQL Databases (?) $35/Month
Reseller Hosting Setup Fee (?) Free!
Instant Online Activation (?) Included
24/7 Tech Support (?) Included
Month-to-Month Terms (?) Included
Bandwidth Transfer per Website (?) 20 GB/Month
Total bandwidth for all 5,000 websites (?) 100,000 GB/Mo
Disk Space per Website for Content (?) 500 MB
Disk Space Per Website for Email (?) 250 MB
Total Disk Space for all 5,000 Websites (?) 3,750,000 MB
Email Accounts (?) Unlimited
Email Aliases (?) Unlimited
Email Autoresponders (?) Unlimited
Catch-All Email Addresses (?) Unlimited
Mailing Lists (?) Unlimited
Subdomains (?) Unlimited
Domain Aliases (?) Unlimited
MS FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions (?) Included
HTTP Streaming Audio/Video (?) Included
Password Protected Directories (?) Included
Web Traffic Reporting (?) Included
Raw Log Files (?) Included
Cgi-Bin for Perl (?) Included
PHP with Zend Optimizer (?) Included
Server Side Includes (?) Included
File Manager (?) Included
Index Manager (?) Included
Bandwidth Monitor (?) Included
Custom Branded End-User Control Panel (?) Included
Reseller Hosting Control Panel (?) Included
Automated Reseller and Direct Client Manager (?) Included
Automated Online Customer Sign-up (?) Included
Automated Client Billing (?) Included
Automated Invoicing and Collections (?) Included
Automated Service Provisioning (?) Included
Automated Account Provisioning (?) Included
Automated Customer Case Management (?) Included
SSL with Dedicated IP Address (?) Available
Basic DNS Manager (?) Included
Advanced DNS Manager (?) Available
Total Available Bandwidth (1 GiG-E = 667 T-1's) Multiple GiG-E's
Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy No Spam
No Illegal Sites
No Adult Sites
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